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A Weekend In Belfast: What to see, eat and do

Recently I took a trip up North to Belfast for the first time in 20+ years. The first time I visited I was only a baba and all I can remember is the Disney shop and my Pocahontas bag as my purchase. This time however I wanted to make sure I would remember more than that and get to learn about the history of the city.

How to get there
Myself and my mam travelled to Belfast via Dublin coach. We got a fantastic deal online at €10 return each and we were up there in the comfort of the non stop bus in just over two hours. I would highly recommend travelling with Dublin coach and making use of their amazing online deals while you can! The train would have been so much more expensive, so we were delighted to find this deal. You can book the fantastic deal on their website here
Where to stay 
My mum chose the Europa hotel as it was where we stayed on my first visit to Belfast twenty years previous and she had great memories of the place. Upon arriving we discovered we had been upgraded to an …
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My Laser Eye Surgery Experience With Optilase

Its been three weeks since I went in for my LASIK eye surgery with Optilase and a little less than that since I've had 20/20 vision.

For someone who has been wearing glasses since they were about 11 years old (granted, not as much as she should have!) having perfect vision now is indescribable. It's just so EASY. I can go to the cinema on a whim, I can get in my car and drive without having to look for my glasses, I can walk around town and read signs I never would have noticed before... it really has been life changing.
Another biggie is the fact that I no longer walk past people I know on the street or in a nightclub with them thinking I'm blanking them when in fact I just didn't see them! My prescription is definitely not the worst but at -2/2.5 I definitely should have been wearing my glasses 90% of the time. 

Free consultation
I went for my initial consultation which was quite in depth only a short while before I opted for the surgery. The clinic I chose was Ely P…

A Must See and Do Guide to Barcelona

Delicious tapas, cheap wine, hot sunny weather and stunning sights... what's not to like about Barcelona? At the time of writing this we only arrived home the night before last and it's safe to say that I am so sad to be back! 
I'm just going to breakdown where we stayed, food places we can recommend and what to do in the next few paragraphs and I am also going to share with you one thing you absolutely MUST buy when you arrive...
We stayed at the Renaissance Barcelona Fira hotel we found it to be in an ideal location for us, it was only 10km from the airport meaning a cheap enough taxi or like us you can get the metro. The metro station was literally a 30 second walk from the front door of the hotel so we were able to easily get into the city centre using public transport. ALSO the hotel has a rooftop pool and bar and is super modern. The rooms are gorgeous, white and clean and crisp - very Instagram friendly! They also have really quirky windows in the shapes of palm tr…

Top Money Saving Travel Tips

I love to travel and in my opinion I'd rather spent my money on cheap flights than on a night out. We are so lucky in the way that travel and flying to different countries is so much more accessible to us than ever before. 
This year so far I have been to Lisbon, Portugal and Amsterdam, The Netherlands for the second time. I am heading to Barcelona in less than 2 weeks and all of our trips have only cost around the 300 euro mark for return flights and three nights accommodation. 
I had a lot of people say to me that it seems like I am always away and they are obviously thinking 'How does she afford it?'  I decided to write this post to break down some tips I have found can make you have huge savings in the long run. 
1. Mix and match flights 
We often book our departing flight with one airline i.e. RyanAir and our return flight with Aer Lingus. This ensures we can get the best price for both of our tickets - you don't only have to fly with the one airline. 

2. Be flexib…

Outdoor Date Ideas for a Sunny Day in Ireland

The sun shining can often be a bit of an alien occurrence to us here in Ireland and often when it does make its first appearance it can sometimes be a mad dash to whatever beach is available. Unfortunately, sometimes by the time that you reach the beach the clouds have already come to town so the ideas below are alternatives to heading to the beach ideas whenever the sun decides to show its face again.

Cycle around one of Europe's largest enclosed parks

Head to the Phoenix Park if you are anywhere near it by car or public transport and avail of a bike rental from Phoenix Park Cycles. Its a fiver for an hour or a tenner for three so hop on that bike and get exploring.

If you get a little bit peckish (or thirsty!) the Hole in the Wall is one of the oldest established pubs so head there or else return your bikes and hop on the LUAS into town to the Italian Quarter for some well earned carbs.

Recommended: Bread&Bones, Wallace's Taverna.

Feeling active? Why not head from Bray to…

Review: Bellamianta Self Tanning Gradual Moisturiser

Ireland is apparently the self tan capital of the world. It comes as no surprise that brands are continually popping up with their offerings to us pale skinned gals; however Bellamianta was an Irish owned tanning brand that I had yet to try. Partly because of its accessibility - I have yet to find a definitive stockist list - and also because we had been bombarded with another Irish owned hot pink bottled product for sometime.

After being invited to Bellamianta's Summer party in Number Twenty Two for the launch of three of their new products to include their self tanning gradual moisturiser I couldn't wait to try it!

 I had spoken to the gorgeous Linda one half of Bellamianta's power duo and she had told me that it was the gradual moisturiser she had on. Now, she was wearing a stunning white jumpsuit and on naturally pale Irish skin you would be forgiven for thinking layers and layers of your darkest tan would be required to wear white - but no, all she had on was the gra…

10 "Nice Tops" to Wear with Jeans on a Night Out

Ask an Irish woman what she is wearing on 90% of her nights out (unless its a special occasion) and you will probably hear the words, "jeans and a nice top." The sad fact is, it is almost entirely impossible to find said nice top for a night out.

Automatically crop tops and bodysuits are discounted for most of us because A) lets be honest unless I am wearing a high waist skirt there is no way in hell I am going to try pull off a crop top and B) because I fucking hate bodysuits. They ride up in places that no clothing should go and are a nightmare to try close again after the inevitable dash to the loo. So that limits our nice tops to drought level since every bloody nice top on the market seems to be either a bodysuit or a crop top at the moment!

I decided to take matters into my own hands and search through a couple of sites to find that elusive nice top... Let me know what you think.

Fuschia wrap choker neck blouse 
I love the colour of this blouse as it will suit both blo…